Security Field Day @San Jose / by Enrico Sorge

Last December 2018, I was invited as a delegate to join the first Security Field Day (#XFD1) in San Jose, California. Was my first time in the States although I have been working and partnering with companies in the San Francisco Bay Area for at least 10 years.

Security Field Day, organized by the fantastic Gestalt IT team, will be a new recurring appointment of Tech Field Day, which for 10 years brings together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format.

Other invited delegates were several passionate professionals with different technical backgrounds, seniorities and experiences from the industry and security communities. This valuable melting-pot fuelled the discussions both with vendor meetings and roundtables. Have a look also to the brief introduction by Paul Snyder about the Kick-off Delegate dinner.

The overall event left me a lot of food for thought about the worldwide infosec scenarios and how complex is to work and live the security, some hot thoughts, right after the event, written by Tom Hollingsworth, Tech Field Day organizer.

In my opinion was a very positive and “contaminant” experience that everyone should have the opportunity to do.

As you can imagine, we met many vendors aboard our “limo” that has been darting through the Silicon Valley streets. Many solid companies, recent acquisitions, others new and very promising.

But I do not want to anticipate anything. Stay tuned here to read about their solutions, my opinions and generally on the need for protection that companies have and perhaps do not know they want…

In the meantime imagine me on board this limo, while I'm handling jet lag and the new blog layout, sleeping.