A Day in the Life of a Cisco Advocate / by Enrico Sorge

A few weeks ago, I spent the day with Cisco Gateway Manager and friend, Valerio Battelli, walking the streets of Milan, eating Italian pasta and ice cream, and talking about our passions and the future of cybersecurity.

Living in Milan, I work as a technical marketing engineer in cybersecurity for Italtel, a multinational Information & Communication Technology company. I have always been passionate and curious about technology and enjoy being a part of the advancing digital age. It’s tremendous to see how much has changed in just ten years.

Ten years ago, most of the companies didn’t necessarily put cybersecurity at the forefront of their business practice. In today’s digital-first economy, I see just how seriously larger companies are taking security when it comes to impending cyber threats. They no longer focus solely on a getting anti-virus and network perimeter solution, but rather are taking a more holistic approach in their cybersecurity efforts by proactively embedding security into their business strategy from the very beginning. Challenging!

Watch the 2:52 min video here to learn more about Enrico’s outlook on cybersecurity and the cultural shift that needs to happen within companies and governments:

The opportunity to connect directly with technology optimists like Valerio and discuss the state of today’s cybersecurity landscape was all made possible through Cisco’s Gateway customer advocacy program. I joined the The Gateway in January 2018. Since joining, this community has opened doors to connecting with like-minded peers in similar roles and across various industries, while also fostering deeper relationships with Cisco IT leaders. The community allows members to share valuable, real-time feedback, and our own technology stories, including how others are combating their own cybersecurity challenges and using Cisco technology to overcome them.

As ‘Gatewayers’, we have access to unique industry insights and Cisco perspectives, as well as rewards that can be earned through participation in educational challenges and fun engagement opportunities offered through the platform.

 I hope to see you in the Cisco Gateway soon. Ciao!

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